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To the Victor, the beta-testing privileges

100 slav--testers required for Roman-themed MMORPG

London - 23rd December 2004 - Jolt Online Gaming, Europe's largest independent online gaming network, is now offering the MMORPG community 100 new beta tester slots in an upcoming behind-closed-doors test of Roma Victor, due to take place in 2005.

Created by Brighton-based RedBedlam Ltd., Roma Victor is one of the few truly unique massively multiplayer experiences currently in development. Set in Roman-occupied Europe around the turn of the first millennium, the game offers players a chance to start out life as a Roman slave, working their way up the ranks to become a Gladiator, Legionary or even a wealthy noble or influential politician. Alternatively players can choose to be one of the 'free peoples' from the many distinctive cultures that live in opposition to the tyranny of Rome and its 'civilised' ways.

Either way, Romanophiles, budding Tony Robinsons and even more conventional gamers looking for a less conventional experience are bound to get a kick out of the game's take on one of the most important periods in history, whether through the realistic combat model, the authentic crafts or just by soaking up the atmosphere of a time when brawny men goring one-another with spears was considered jolly good entertainment.

When the game is finally made available in 2005, it will do away with conventional subscription fees and instead allow people to support the game as they see fit. All of this can be read about at If you'd like to be one of the early testers to help shape the game's course before release and make it the best it can possibly be, head on over to where you'll find an entry form. Applications close on January 1st 2005.

About RedBedlam

RedBedlam Ltd. was founded in 2001 in order to create virtual worlds and to realise virtual economies. The company's pilot project, Roma Victor® is a non-fantasy MMORPG set at the height of the Roman Empire circa 180CE. RedBedlam is a fully independent privately held company, which remains totally committed to the principals of community involvement and inter-dependence.

RedBedlam Press Contacts: Nick Witcher

Europe: Bastion, Ciarán Brennan

About Jolt Online Gaming

Launched in October 1999, is Europe's largest and most popular privately owned and independent online gaming network - with over 1000 game servers online. Utilising a multi-gigabit network that consistently outperforms its competitors, jolt is the network of choice for serious gamers and games companies alike.

In addition to providing superior internet connectivity, hosting, infrastructure and management jolt was the pioneer and is also the World leader in the supply of rentable servers to clans. As well as its' public gaming servers jolt also provides tailored solutions for game developers, publishers and companies. These range from High Performance Leased Lines through to 24/7, fully managed, game server solutions for clients in both the First Person Shooter and Massively Multiplayer genres.


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