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TNT Racers

New pics and what have you released for dtp's downloadable racer, due to launch this quarter.


London, January 17th 2011 – dtp entertainment and keen games can today reveal several new screenshots, artwork and detailed game information ahead of the Q1 2011 release of TNT Racers, the fun and frantic arcade racing game for PlayStation3, PlayStationPortable, Xbox360 and Wii.

TNT Racers features 18 action-packed racetracks for up to 4 players. Built for ‘pick up and play’ fun for all the family, new players and seasoned gamers can experience the thrill of the chase and high-octane game play together.

The title is designed to be a great value family title that delivers hours of thrilling game play. TNT Racers will be available for download in Q1 2011 on the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network for Xbox360 (£7.99), PlayStationNetwork for PlayStation3 (£7.99) and PSP (£6.29) and WiiWareä for NintendoWii (£7.99).

Racing is not just about speed in TNT Racers. Players battle their racing rivals using fun pick-ups including Confetti Mines, Candy Cannons, Space Rockets and other powerful weapons to catapult opponents off the track or bounce them out using a Monster Car.

Winning racers are those who create the most action, damage the most cars, pick up most points and finish the most laps.

A unique feature in TNT Racers is ‘Shadow Racing’. When players are thrown off the track, they immediately rejoin the action as a shadow racer, taking revenge on remaining players and ensuring everyone is always in the thick of the action.

Key also to the heart-stopping action in TNT Racers is the fun of the multiplayer experience. As well as playing solo, up to 4 players can compete locally together or do battle against friends, family and other players online in a non-stop social competition.

Dedicated players who work their way up the leader boards are rewarded with free game content including new cars, new tracks and achievements.

There is also plenty to keep the single player occupied with three different single player modes. As well as 45 Challenges across three different speed classes, there are time trials and custom races where racers decide the victory criteria and place the pickups on the track.



Note to editors

TNT Racers website: http://www.tnt-racers.com/ 

TNT Racers trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYLzWMoHVII

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