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TLC Industries Forms FlexArcade Advisory Board

Input from Developers, Operators, Journalists and Arcade Enthusiasts Sought

SCHAUMBURG, IL - Oct. 27, 2004 - TLC Industries, Inc. (, wants to make FlexArcade the best it can be, so they need YOU! The company is actively seeking individuals with experience in the arcade industry as developers, operators and even players and arcade enthusiasts to help provide valuable, honest and constructive feedback to ensure FlexArcade's place as the ultimate arcade platform with a library of "Must Have" titles.

"We created FlexArcade to address the issues that plague the arcade industry today: high cost of dedicated hardware, limited numbers of new games and limited developer access to the market," says Ed Bender, President of TLC Industries. "Now we want to continue our quest to reform the industry and take it a step further by involving those directly associated with the industry."

Ideal candidates for the FlexArcade Advisory Board should have industry experience in the coin-op market as developers, operators, location owners, journalists or arcade enthusiasts and be able to join TLC for closed door monthly meetings at their Schaumburg, IL offices. These individuals should have a passion for reforming the arcade coin-op industry, be able to think outside the box and embrace as well as create innovative ideas on how to make it happen. Those who are not in the Chicago-area but wish to participate can also join virtually and participate in the private online forums.

For additional information about the FlexArcade Advisory Board, TLC Industries and FlexArcade, please contact James Hills, or call 847-534-5120.

About FlexArcade (

FlexArcade was designed to fill a void in today's video game marketplace by providing operators with a stream of new game content at affordable prices. Operators purchasing new FlexGame Packs can change one cabinet to another by simply inserting a new CD, attaching a hardware security key and changing the marquee. Operators win by receiving inexpensive new games, developers win by having access to an expanded marketplace and gamers win by having tons of great new games to play.

About TLC Industries, Inc. (

Founded in 1985, TLC Industries, Inc. is a recognized industry leader for is consistent commitment to premium quality construction, dependable delivery and meticulous attention to detail. The company's nearly twenty years of business also includes experience working with other leaders including Sega, Konami, Namco, Capcom and fellow Chicago-area companies Midway and Incredible Technologies.

James Hills

Marketing Director

TLC Industries, Inc.

voice: 847-534-5120

mobile: 773-715-8608


alternative email:

AIM: JamesHills2

Yahoo: JamesHills2

ICQ: 6263606

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