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We're offered "season's beatings" as martial arts MMOG launches Christmas boss party.

December 16 th, 2010 – ChangYou.com today announces the wonderful winter update full of deadly shining stars, nervous bandits on the loose and a fast-paced Christmas boss party!

To celebrate the holiday season, the martial arts MMO publishing giant has put together a number of new scenes and areas now available to elite players above level 84. Those included are ‘Mt. Flaming’, ‘Flame Valley’, ‘Salt Lake’ and the very ice cool ‘Azure Pit’.

Qin Emperor’s Dungeon also opens up its B1 and B2 levels to coincide with a number of new Dungeon Sets available to players who collect ‘Pearls of Emperor Qin’ or kill Guardian Bosses. Collect up to 60 pearls and players will have the chance to sport the new Martialism set (either the Spiritual or Physical version, depending on the class). Collect 90 pearls, and the level 85 Soul set will be the order of the day.

If that wasn’t enough, this year the greedy bandits have stolen Santa’s presents and the kingdom’s Emperor needs to recruit sharp shooting warriors to help get them back!

Speak to a very confused, but loveable, panda ‘Santa Claus’ and receive the very deadly ‘Shining Christmas Stars’ that must be thrown at the runaway bandits. Hurry though, they will be on the lookout for safety and will take certain routes throughout the day in various locations to get there! For a list of all the prizes on offer, visit the official TLBB website.


It’s going to be a Kung-Fu Christmas to remember so why not join the ‘Christmas Boss Party’! Simply accept the quest and race between x5 NPC bosses situated in Luo Yang to give them Christmas cards before their buff timer runs out… but that’s not all!

In TLBB’s brand-new ‘Christmas Eve Event’ players must gather Snowballs of Happiness which they must then launch at the quest NPC to receive fantastic item drop rewards.

With a host of dangerously cool events, top prizes and endless fun, TLBB’s Winter Update Edition is the perfect way to kick start the season’s festivities.

To get a sneak peak of the TLBB Winter Update, check out the Winter Update video on YouTube:


TLBB Landing Page:


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