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Thanksgiving celebrations getting under way in martial arts MMOG.

23rd November, 2010 – ChangYou.com today gives thanks to the TLBB family and friends who have graced the EU Dragon server over the past year.

The popular martial arts MMO is proud to announce the launch of its special Thanksgiving Event available to players level 10 and above from Wednesday 24th November, 2010.

This great celebratory event will offer warriors the chance to receive special attribute buffs, and even claim their very own Turkey Pet once enough ‘Turkey Tickets’ have been collected. Unfortunately one of the ways to obtain the tickets is by killing cute Rabbits, tiny Turtles and sweet Swallows on Pet Island. That said, you’ll eventually be freeing a helpless bird that’s usually the subject of a Thanksgiving and Christmas “delight” each year anyway!

So what else is on the menu? In the second part of the Thanksgiving Event, ‘Roasted Corn’ will be dropped at random by all monsters except those in Yan Tomb & Quin Emperor’s Dungeon. For the chance to gain random attribute buffs and receive 30 minutes worth of +20% XP time, warriors over level 20 should be on the lookout for Roasted Corn to enhance their stats and help them in their quest for those all-important Turkey Tickets.

Simply visit the official TLBB website for full details on how to redeem your tickets:


 The majestic Emperor of the TLBB realm had this to say:

“With the harvesting of the crops and the coming of winter I give thanks that I have been blessed with such hard-working loyal, honourable subjects. Join me my people, by giving thanks as I offer you my most wonderful prize: the Thanksgiving Gift Box , in the hope that you too, may share in the great joys of the realm”

To find out more about the Emperor’s item choice (Thanksgiving Gift Box) and how it can automatically reward you with Turkey Tickets, vibrant fashion and a highly sought-after mount, please visit the official TLBB website:


Official concept artwork has been released by the Chinese publishing giants who have already seen major growth from existing titles such as TLBB (EU) and Zentia (worldwide) as well as a similar event currently taking place on the US ‘ Dragon Oath’servers.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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