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Razer keyboards and mice to be won by EU players.

November 18 th, 2010 – today announces the start of TLBB’s in-game events in conjunction with gaming product specialists, Razer.

Engineered to exceed the exacting demands of the world's top professional gamers, Razer and leading  martial arts based MMO – TLBB – have teamed up to bring players across the EU ‘Dragon’ server three unique and rewarding challenges.

With prizes that include the Razer Lycosa Keyboard and the outstanding Razer Naga Mouse, these one-off events will be hosted across the weekend of the 20 th November, 2010, and will be open to players above level 20. Those lucky enough to get their kung-fu grip on one of these awesome prizes will have plenty to contend with as TLBB turns up the heat during this fun and exciting road to victory.

In an event open to players between level 20 and 39, a series of riddles must be solved leading them to checkpoints scattered across the TLBB world in ‘The TLBB Riddle Race’. The race is sure to be intense, so make sure to bring your running shoes. For players level 40 to 79, the ‘TLBB World Competition’ is the place to be in a PvP rumble that’s sure to shake the EU server. And finally, for players level 80 and above, presents: ‘The Hunted’ – a unique and potentially life-threatening event for players’ characters. At the start of the event, ‘The Hunted’ player will be announced and will receive the protection of a number of the Emperor’s Guards for the duration of the event. This full-contact extravaganza takes no prisoners, so be ready to fight for your life*.

For full details about the TLBB events sponsored by Razer, please visit the official TLBB website:

Please note: This event is not for the faint-hearted but, for the brave-hearted. Razer & TLBB will be giving YOU the edge.

For full details please visit the official TLBB website:

Or the TLBB landing page:

*With only a limited amount of spaces, players should make sure they turn up on time to all events. 

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