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Pack wisely, martial arts MMOG players are advised.

While a number of MMOs encourage team efforts in various quests & instances available throughout online games, one of the most significant parts of a player’s journey still remains the quality of goodies occupying their inventory.

Who does a player turn to when all hell breaks loose? Do they run like cowards? Die with honour? Or survive with pride using up every means necessary in their items bag to rip through the deadly enemy?

At the best of times, these “special sacks” can become a better tool than any loyal pet or guild member could ever be. That’s not to say this system may one day be re-invented to some oversized but loyal German Shepherd dog big enough to mount and still be strong enough to carry potions, gifts, costumes and the rest of your assets (including a spare guild member in its pocket) all at the same time.

However, players inside the ancient Chinese world of TLBB - the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life – are no strangers to the potency of an inventory and, by making crucial “survival” decisions based on the items they carry, players have already discovered a world of original gifts and goodies that have helped them immensely along the way.

Many have died at the feet of some of the most commanding bosses and others, such as level 85 Lotus Order character ‘Vincie’ in the current Open Beta ‘Dragon’ server, have gone onto to achieve great things with the help of their decidedly useful and unique items stashed away.

For a full interview with one of the top players ‘Vincie’, please visit:

Who needs to just win a fight, when you can win a fight AND look good at the same time?

The Lotus Order is just 1 of 9 great classes available to choose from in TLBB and with each class, comes an exciting array of weapons, potions, mounts, costumes and many more must-have items. This ever popular fighting style delivers a strikingly colourful overall for both male and female characters and as they progress throughout the game, players are rewarded with more visually stunning ‘fashion’ that accurately portrays ancient Chinese history. Other great looking costumes held in the inventory include that of the Pyromancer and Shaolin, all separate to each other of course, so making sure the wardrobe is kept up to date is key in maintaining a personal touch.

For more about the classes of TLBB, please visit the official website:

As far as truth goes, MMOs have always maintained an air of ‘player discretion’ and with this comes the customization of characters. From costumes to weapons and haircuts to mounts, each individual is unique in his/her own right and possesses the means to harness greatness inside their inventory by having access to one of the widest collections of items available in this MMO.

Greatness comes in many forms, including the addition of a trusty mount. Once a character chooses their class at level 10, a class mount becomes available to them at level 40 and then a faster, better looking mount at level 60. Depending on the class that players have chosen, they will receive the mount corresponding to their particular style that will remain loyal throughout the game and accompany players in some of the most fearsome quests.

And there’s no need for unnecessary mouse navigation either. TLBB’s easy to use interface, tested by millions on a daily basis, also clearly states the best option for a player when choosing the right item from the inventory. By hovering over an item and comparing items to those of the characters current equipment, players are made aware of their current statistics (as well as the new ones) should they wish to change between the two.

Will you choose wisely?

TLBB - The Most Powerful Martial Arts Experience of Your MMO Life

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