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Mysterious Mooncake now on sale.

Dating back almost 3,000 years, one of China’s oldest traditions stamps its celebratory mark on the world of TLBB. 


As the summer harvest season comes to an end, friends and family of one of China’s leading martial arts based MMOs will officially be burning incense in honour of their divine gods. In welcoming the start of this mid autumn festival, also known as the ‘Mooncake Festival’ due to the traditional cake that is prepared in celebration of the event, people around China have embraced the occasion as one of the most important dates on the calendar.


Here in Europe, MMO game publisher has relayed its own celebratory twist on to martial arts based MMO, TLBB. The ‘Mysterious Mooncake’ item, recently added to the newly launched token shop, is now accessible to players and will entitle them to a surprise item from a pool of exceptional and valuable gifts.


Please visit the token shop hereor the official TLBB forumfor more details about the gifts on offer.  


Speaking of great gifts, hasn’t stopped there! Players who exchange 100 Tokens (or more) for the first time between the 22nd of September and 19th of October, 2010, will receive a Level 3 Ruby and an Emerald Dragon mount to go with it!


Players have already begun to show off the exquisite mount that’s had the community team stunned by the speed in which they’ve been snapped up by users. This unique mount will have heads turning everywhere and, once used, the level 3 Ruby will enhance a players’ weaponry to make them a force to be reckoned with in this ancient Chinese world full of adventure.  


For more about TLBB or to join in on the social networking fun, please visit: Official Website Facebook Page Twitter Page





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