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Info on quests and instances.

Highly skilled and at times compromised in battle, there are those who would prefer to go it alone when it comes to achieving their goals in MMO’s.

On the other hand, an impaired fighter is healed by the Lotus Order whilst the courageous Shaolin warrior fights on in an act of bravery that pushes the boundaries of both him and his team of rebels! - Yet another act of group superiority in the ancient martial arts world of TLBB.

Recently, the European subsidiary of saw a significant increase in team building within the game. This has subsequently led to a number of ‘friend requests’ being made and various instances being fought and won on the battlefields of this flagship MMO.

When asked about their latest success, ChangYou EU had this to say:

“We’re very proud to have a system in place that ‘scales’ the instances according to the player’s level at the time. Therefore it balances the game, allowing players to do the same instance no matter what level they’re at. Players have experienced not only a great game, but a number of unique instances as well as new players logging onto the server. So now we have greater numbers and a more communal feel” says European Marketing Director Mirko Gozzo.

TLBB is also dedicated to making the players gaming experience even better and with less time constraints. So in keeping with this, the game adopts the ‘chain quests’ approach which takes gamers through various ‘timed’ instances, as opposed to spending too long on just one.

Some of the much bigger bosses will need to be fought in teams with higher XP in order to win – as the ChangYou EU team found out in this ‘No One Escapes’ instance. Did they succeed or did they fall in battle?

You can find out here:

Do you think you can do better than the ChangYou EU team? Do you have a unique quest experience to share with others? Post your comments or videos on the forum and tell the team how far you got:

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