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Details on the PvP system.

Not long ago, ChangYou Europe notified players of the ever popular ‘Master & Student’ capability in top European online game Tian Long Ba Bu (or TLBB for short).

The successful game publishers have now revealed a number of key features of the guild system and Player v. Player action that allows gamers to battle each other with ancient Chinese weaponry in this beautifully rendered mmo.

TLBB, based on the famous novel written by Louis Cha, adopts a guild system that emphasizes the creation of a unique development structure including city level increasing, trading, quests, guild creation and the acquirement of special guild equipment which (among other things) makes TLBB nothing short of playability both individually, and as part of a team.

ChangYou Europe had this to say:

“The aim of the game is for players to experience the fighting capabilities that are largely helped by our PvP system. In the ‘World Competition’ for example, players of similar levels compete in a free-for-all style tournament. The last player standing is announced throughout the world and receives a handsome amount of money, and more! There have been some fantastic battles since the start of our Open Beta and we hope to see many more” said European Marketing Director Christian-Peter Heimbach.

The key to player’s survival is their willingness to get together as a team and develop what can only be described as an unstoppable force within the game. Teams possess the ability to declare war on other guilds, or three at a time, within the game and benefit from increased team ability and fame. Please see here for more details:

TLBB also offers a number of ways to interact, communicate and benefit from one another by encouraging friendships and alliances that can tackle various quests & instances too.

Please click here or visit for more game features and videos.

A more notable ‘PvE’ system is also evident in this martial arts based MMO that allows players to establish themselves as top players when faced with an abundance of captivating and original instances that are available throughout the game. TLBB are even offering players the chance to improve their chances of accomplishment with key items, including the current Comic Strip Caption prize giveaway available for players here in the forum:

So whether a lone warrior or an unstoppable team force, TLBB offers players the means to pick the right path during their hunt for greatness. The choice is yours…


“The Most Powerful Martial Arts Experience of Your MMO Life”

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