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A bit about the game's event plans.

No matter where you are in the world, there are events and traditions that pay homage to some of history’s most unforgettable moments. Whether it’s an oversized, white bearded man squeezing down a chimney shaft or a chocolate loving bunny with endless egg supplies, events create memories which have brought millions around the world closer together.

TLBB – the most powerful martial arts experience of your MMO life – is the current European release of one of China’s most successful MMO’s to be published by These gaming giants have not only received a number of coveted awards for TLBB (Tian Long Ba Bu) and received recognition for their innovative in-game event ideas, but they’ve become one of the most recognised gaming companies in China as a result of their commitment to players.

ChangYou EU has made it a priority for players to be able to have unique gaming experiences as well as learn about one of the world’s most intriguing societies, China… for more details, visit

We caught up with TLBB’s Community Manager who had this to say…

“A major focus for ChangYou Europe has been to increase the amount of activities that take place all year round. Events such as ‘Winter Legends’ and ‘The Mastery of Love’ brought a huge response from our players and with activities taking place on a weekly basis, the community has gone from strength to strength. Our social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter, have also built a solid foundation for players where news becomes readily available to them. As a result, the team continues to update these networks [including the forum] with key features, in-game event announcements, items and prizes that help players along the way. Our weekly and yearly events are aimed to be fun and exciting for gamers, as well as related to Tian long Ba Bu’s storyline”.

True to their word, TLBB are currently offering readers a special giveaway for the upcoming weeks. A rip-roaring 30 Snow Wings! are now up for grabs as a special treat for players and new registered users on the TLBB forum. Readers simply need to follow the link (below) and comment on a pretty unique (shall we say) comic strip. We won’t give anything away yet… you’ll see.

Full giveaway details here -

The team would love to hear from you…

In a game that boasts true to life martial arts skills, unusual (yet original) pet & mount designs and beautifully rendered landscapes, TLBB offers both a visual and true adaptation of ancient Chinese culture through distinctive events in this wonderful MMORPG.

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