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Titan Online

Limited public beta to be enlivened by two events: a forum one and a volunteer helper recruitment drive.

March 12, 2009. Seoul, Korea.

In light of the recent announcement of the Limited Public Beta for Titan Online, EYA Interactive is bringing interactive events for participating players.

In addition to the opening of the Limited Public Beta(, the game will be hosting 2 additional events for the player to participate.

First event will be the forum event, which can be found in the following URL, (

In the forum event, players are encouraged to post news and links to other forums in similar capacity and the TOP 5 players will be rewarded with in-game armor package.

The second event is the recruitment for volunteer helpers. Titan Online will be looking for qualified players with certain level and capacity who can assist and guide the new players in the game. These volunteer helpers will be registered in the game by either [GM] or referrals from other helpers already in the game. Interested players can follow the links for details.


Titan Online Global:

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