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Tira enhances mobile content delivery platform

Third iteration of Tira Jump technology suite released.

Mobile content deployment specialist Tira Wireless has announced the release of Tira Jump version 3, an updated and enhanced deployment platform now incorporating ringtones, wallpapers and additional multimedia content delivery.

Enabling effectively and timely management of various forms of mobile content, the latest version of Tira's acclaimed and widely adopted product suite now includes full support for Java and BREW games and applications, as well as ringtones and wallpapers - from deployment planning to direct delivery to an operator's deck.

Doug Barre, Tira Wireless CEO, commented: "With the latest release of Tira Jump, content providers now have the power to manage the entire deployment process with a single solution."

"With greater visibility and control over each step in the deployment process, mobile content providers, regardless of size or reach, can effectively manage brands and assets to maximize revenues and support global marketing initiatives," he added.

Tira Jump v3 adds support for ringtones, wallpapers and related marketing assets such as text descriptions, screenshots and .avi demonstration files. Leveraging Tira's extensive device and operator knowledge base, mobile content providers will be able to manage the end-to-end deployment of Java and BREW games and applications, ringtones and wallpapers using a single system and therefore reducing development and deployment time cycles.

"Tira Wireless has built a solid reputation of incorporating in-depth and experiential industry knowledge into their product offerings," added John Greiner, president and CEO of Hudson Entertainment.

"By providing an extension that enables all mobile content to be effectively managed from a single, centralized platform, Tira simplifies the entire planning and content deployment process and provides a measurable return on investment for the publisher," he concluded.

Tira's mobile content deployment, based on proprietary technology, enables mobile content providers to efficiently control, adapt and deploy content across a broad range of handsets, languages and operator networks. By combining in-depth knowledge of mobile content deployment with the most powerful and flexible features of digital asset management and workflow systems, Tira Jump enables mobile content providers to optimize process efficiencies and maximize resource utilization.

The company's many clients include Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Mobile, THQ Wireless, T-Mobile, and TELUS Mobility. More information on the company's products, services and the evolution of the Tira Jump product suit can be found by visiting

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