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Tiny Token Empires

Persians added to the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

The Persians have now joined the fray between the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks.

From which a fourth comical teaser to discover on!

As you may recall, the world’s future is being played out on the game board of Tiny Token Empires:

If the Romans win, the entire world will feast on pepperoni pizzas. If the Egyptians carry the day, the mankind will see in 2D… If the Greeks are victorious, philosophy classes will be required from kindergarten… And if the Persians come out on top, all Persian rug owners will benefit from tax breaks! But what about the Carthaginians? You will learn more about them in 2011!

When the leaders of the five nations come together, how you play will determine the world’s future.

May the tokens be with you! Or “Token jacta est!” as the Romans used to say.

About  Tiny Token Empires

Tiny Token Empires is a fun and original strategy game. You should already have an idea about the fun part. The originality of the game resides in the tokens, which must be used wisely and quickly. The goal is to prove yourself stronger and more clever than the other players, like any video game worthy of the name!

Releases set for beginning of 2011 for PC/Mac/iPhone/ iPad/PS3

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About BiP media

BiP media ( ), a fiercely independent French studio headquartered in the sweet shade of a palm tree, consists of a team of intrinsically funny individuals (most often uncontrollable, but nice guys). Last year they published Viking Invasion on Nintendo DSiWare TM which, aside from a few gruffy Norwegians, people found hilariously entertaining!

Now, it’s Tiny Token Empires’ turn to make you laugh...

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