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Fact Sheet

Title: Timeshift

Genre: FPS

Platform: PC/XBox

Developer: Saber Interactive

Launch date: Autumn 2005


In the not too distant future, the past will change. The world as we know it will be erased from history, as if it never was. Even the very memory of us will be wiped out like tears in the rain. Our descendants will never be born - our existence will become but a mere dream in another dimension. This, it would seem, is inevitable. For once the past has been altered the future as we know it will never come to be. There is only one hope for us, for our children, for our future. It is you - our very existence rests in your hands. May time be on your side.


Based around the year 2025 a retired colonel by the name of Albert Swift is given responsibility by the US Government for testing two of the most significant inventions of the century - a time-control device called the Quantum Suit and a time machine called the Quantum Transporter. However, before he gets a chance to carry out his experiments his laboratory is invaded by a masked man and in the confusion Swift is briefly sent back in time to 1900. Upon his return to 2025 the world he left has changed beyond all recognition. It is now Swift's responsibility to find a way to rectify things and find out who or what is behind the changes.

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