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Time to Hurry: Nicole's Story

Shop-based time management available for download, with a 60-minute free trial.

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia – November 22, 2010 – Funny Bear Studio, a casual entertainment developer, today announces the launch of “Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story”, a new fun-filled time management game in which players help a young college graduate Nicole to keep her grandma’s shop afloat with the goal of making this venture a success. “Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story” is now available for download from www.FunnyBearStudio.com.

In “Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story”, players assume the role of Nicole, a young college graduate who returns to her hometown to take over her old grandma’s garden shop and make this business a success. Players must help the heroine to manage a stream of customers by taking their orders and delivering the goods in a timely manner – in order to earn the money to develop Nicole’s personality and career as an entrepreneur. Players decide themselves which aspect of her life – career, personal life, or health – needs to be upgraded. Some upgrades help Nicole to work more efficient, others keep customers happy for a while, and some make her apartment look better.

As her business succeeds, Nicole works through 6 themed shops, gaining experience and honing her skills as an entrepreneur. Starting in her grandma’s garden shop, she continues in the oriental shop of the Chinese grandfather, going all the way to the household goods store run by a strict lady. Each shop offers fresh challenges as players will have to deal with a new set of goods, and it’ll take time until they can find all of them quickly.

The key to success in the game is to juggle customer demands quickly. The faster Nicole sells, the happier are the clients and the more money and bonuses she can get. However, if players cannot find specific items amongst a clutter of other goods, clients get impatient and leave the shop. To succeed, players need to be strategic in organizing their actions versus customer’s patience which creates a fun and challenging experience.

In between levels, players are treated to many exciting mini-games. For instance, the gamer will be challenged to help Nicole clean her apartment, arrange the pots on the shelves as they are shown in the picture, or restore a mosaic glass window from pieces. Whatever is earned in a mini-game is available as a bonus in the next level.

“Time to Hurry: Nicole’s Story” is free to try for 60 minutes or buy for $9.95 (USD). For more information about the game or Funny Bear Studio, please visit www.FunnyBearStudio.com.

About Funny Bear Studio

Funny Bear Studio is a game development company based in Novosibirsk, founded  in 2009. Funny Bear Studio is dedicated to making casual games that appeal to everyone by combining together engaging story, addictive gameplay and bright graphics. The company’s portfolio includes such popular casual titles as World Riddles: Animals and World Riddles: Seven Wonders. For more information, visit www.funnybearstudio.com



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