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Tilted Mill Announces Modification Tools for "Children of the Nile"

Wayland, MA - March 17, 2005 - Tilted Mill Entertainment is pleased to announce additional support for "Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile" for those who like to create their own scenarios and those made by others. Players can visit a new homepage with several scenarios and links to scenarios hosted on other sites. The site will periodically highlight new content a couple of scenarios at a time, so check back every once in a while.

The site includes a list of instructions on how to modify or extract content in or out of "CotN" for a player's own personal use, as outlined in the EULA. Although "CotN" is by no means easy to modify, one might be surprised at what can be done.

Easy modifications:

The Cotn.INI file is a text file created in the same directory as the CotN.exe is, when your run your game the first time (default c:Program files ilted millchildren of the Nile). You can modify some of settings with any text editor to change the upper limit of your game speed improvements and other game play features.


Game speed max (256=2.5). Adjust this CPU dependant. If your crop yields go down after turning up game speed, turn it back down. The AI does not have time to path farmers to get to fields.

JPG Screenshot Quality (Default 80):

You can increase the image quality for use on a website or other uses. For super high quality, such as taking a shot for your wallpaper, you can use the command.

"Take BMP Screenshots" default off= 0 to turn on change to 1

More tricky:

- You can open graphic textures (dds) with Photoshop and substitute *.TGA files of your own, thus creating your own 'skins' or textures.

- You can substitute your favorite wav tracks or even sound fx and speech files.

Use the text 'database' referred to on the site to determine which speech file you wish to change., or you can use this 'database' file to find a .wav file you have never heard before, such as the "eat Egyptian bronze' wav's, and use them for such things as your Window's chimes, etc.

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