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Tigon Studios working with Bryan Singer on original title

Film director Bryan Singer has partnered with Vin Diesel's game company Tigon Studios to develop an original videogame franchise centring on the life of a US Secret Service agent assigned to presidential detail.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed details of the popular director's first foray into videogames. Singer's previous films have included hit thriller The Usual Suspects and the X-Men movies, and he is currently lined up to direct the rebirth of the Superman cinematic franchise.

The game, which is labouring under the working title of "Secret Service", is described as a character-driven, tactical action-adventure game, and promises an "intimate and accurate look inside the activities of this powerful but not well-known government agency."

Singer has been working on the project with Mark Feigin, a former staff member on the White House advance team for former President Clinton, his wife Hillary, and former vice-president Al Gore. When ready they took their plans to Cos Lazouras, director of product development for Tigon, who snapped it up immediately.

Although Tigon is now attached, the company hasn't previously dabbled in game development directly, preferring to act in an intermediary and advisory capacity on the likes of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, which was developed by Swedish firm Starbreeze with input from Vin Diesel.

With that in mind, it seems likely that Secret Service will be handled externally, and it will be interesting to see who winds up taking the reigns. Whoever it is though, Lazouras is confident that the game will fit with Tigon's ideals. "Tigon Studios creates original franchises that can be translated into multiple mediums. SS will build upon that objective," he told the Reporter.

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