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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09

Nearly half of all Brits don't know Tiger's real name. For shame.

He may have one of the most instantly recognisable faces on the planet, and can even walk on water according by a new video which is taking the internet by storm, but surprisingly nearly half of all Brits don’t know the real name of golf superstar Tiger Woods.

The poll, carried out to celebrate the launch of the new videogame Tiger Woods PGA®Tour 09 from EA SPORTS, found that over 40% of respondents guessed that the birth name “Eldrick Woods” belonged to either Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood or Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood.

Brit’s are also stumped by the identity of the England cricket team’s star all rounder Andrew Flintoff, with just 51% realising that “Freddie Flintoff” is a pseudonym, an optimistic 23.6% believing they were brothers who both played for England!

With Andrew Flintoff currently back in the England cricket team and flourishing under Kevin Pietersen’s new captaincy, he’ll be surprised to know that nearly half of all Brits didn’t recognise that he and his nickname “Freddie Flintoff” were in fact the same person. A quarter of those polled guessed that they were brothers, with a further 21% speculating they were either cousins or father and son.

The poll by EA SPORTS also looked at how much people knew about other famous names, with the following results:

• 51% thought that David Beckham was just a nickname

• Almost 60% didn’t realise that John Cleese was originally named John Cheese

• 60% thought that Christian Bale was a stage name

• Over 95% people didn’t know that Prince was the singers real name

People were harder to fool when it came to the likes of Elton John, Jordan and Meatloaf however, with around 99% surveyed rightly guessing that these weren’t the celebrity’s real names.

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About Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 09 brings golf into the home and gives gamers the chance to swing their way to glory on the greens. For the first time ever, Tiger’s very own golf coach Hank Haney, will be on hand to give you immediate feedback and advice on your golf swing. Hank will be there from the start to assess your skills, help you tune your clubs and give you feedback after every round as you attempt to climb the leaderboards and win the FedExCup.

To find out more about Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09, check out

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