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TIGA Turns 10

Richard Wilson discusses the past, the triumphs and the evolution of the development association

It's ten years since the formation of TIGA, the developer association representing UK videogames development in the UK. In this editorial from CEO Dr Richard Wilson, he details the early days and ongoing achievements of the group, and what the future holds for the videogame creators in an evolving market.

The Beginnings

TIGA was founded exactly 10 years ago by a small group of independent developers, with encouragement from the Department of Trade and Industry (as it was then named). The founding members of TIGA included Jason Kingsley from Rebellion, Phillip Oliver from Blitz Games Studios, Ian Baverstock (then at Kuju), John Chasey, Jez San, Ed Daly, James Cox, Fred Hasson, Vincent Scheurer and Osborne Clarke. TIGA was built on the rock of serving the needs of game developers. This remains true today.

TIGA Today

Today TIGA has grown to represent over 140 UK organisations. Today's members are still mainly independent developers, but TIGA now also represents publisher-owned studios, creative agencies, games publishers, art, audio and motion capture specialists, as well as law firms, accountancy firms and other service providers. TIGA also has 25 education providers as members. Today TIGA represents the whole spectrum of talented companies and organisations that make up the UK games industry. However first and foremost we represent content creators. We have always, and will always put developers' interests first.

We are proud to be a young organisation, representing fresh new talent, start-ups and small indie studios as well as established larger developers. Many of our services focus specifically on helping young start-ups developers that we believe are the lifeblood of the UK creative scene.

Our Mission

TIGA has changed radically over the last three years. We are no longer simply a trade association delivering high quality services to our members. We are now also a campaigning organisation fighting for a cause – game development. We believe that video games can be a force for good in the economy, in education and in people's lives. It is this belief in the cause of game development which drives TIGA to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business; to campaign for the industry in government and parliament; to champion the industry in the media; and to develop innovative and better services for our members, including networking, discounts and support for self-publishing.

TIGA is an organisation with a mission: to fight for the interests of game developers and to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business. This clear mission has enabled TIGA to stand the test of time and to deliver three significant achievements for game developers. avatar GamesIndustry International is the world's leading games industry website, incorporating and
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