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TIGA Mobile conference seeks to sink pirates

The third annual TIGA Mobile conference is set to address security issues surrounding mobile gaming, including Digital Rights Management software and anti-piracy strategies for the burgeoning market.

Running as part of London Games Week, the conference will be held in the Cromwell Room in Earls Court (alongside ECTS) on the 27th of August.

Piracy isn't thought to pose a serious problem for mobile gaming as yet, but the industry is understandably keen to build anti-piracy technologies into its offerings from the outset - prevention is better than cure, after all. The conference will feature presentations on the issue from mobile game developers, handset manufacturers, network operators and the companies actively involved in the development of DRM technology.

The event, which begins at 1pm, will close with a panel discussion on all of the issues raised. You'll need to register for ECTS in order to attend, but entrance to both ECTS and the TIGA Mobile conference is free.

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