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TIGA addresses outsourcing with conference event next month

Independent developer association TIGA has announced details of a conference addressing the issues related to outsourcing and offshoring of videogames development work, which will take place in Newcastle on July 4th and 5th.

The two day conference, which has been organised in conjunction with Game Horizon, will provide a platform for both outsourcing firms and game development firms to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by outsourcing.

According to TIGA, the use of outsourcing companies is growing among game developers - but inherent problems with managing projects which are handled in this manner have emerged.

The association plans to establish a set of Best Practice Guidelines for outsourcing based on the deliberations which will take place at the event, and will also be launching a database of games outsourcing firms.

Speakers on the first day of the conference will mostly come from outsourcers from the UK and around the world, with companies represented including Babel, The Project Zoo, Audiomotion, Absolute Quality and SixByNine, while on the second day, speakers from major independent developers will run workshops aimed at establishing guidelines for working with outsourcing.

The conference is free to members of TIGA; anyone seeking further information should contact Stephanie Rickwood at TIGA on

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