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A New Generation of Gamepads

Thrustmaster, Rennes, October 15, 2004 - If you thought there was nothing new to discover in the world of controllers, Thrustmaster is about to prove you wrong. The accessory specialist is proud to unveil 4 new gamepads - for PC and PlayStation® 2 - grouped together in the exciting new "Dual Trigger" series.

Thrustmaster is releasing 2 new gamepads for PlayStation 2 the Advance Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad and Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad - the Wireless Dual Trigger Gamepad for PC and finally the Dual Trigger 2-in-1 which is dual compatible with both PC and PS2.

In addition to the standard buttons, Thrustmaster has equipped these gamepads with progressive programmable triggers located on the back side of the controller: a feature not currently found on any other PC or PlayStation 2 gamepad, unlike their Xbox and GameCube counterparts. Thanks to a unique mapping system, the functions of the buttons and mini-stick axes can be programmed onto the triggers,

"By integrating these two triggers, our motivation was to offer PC and PS2 gamers the ability to carry out ultra-precise, progressive actions that are perfectly proportioned and therefore much more realistic than has been possible up until now," states Gilles Raulet, Producer at Thrustmaster. "This new trigger technology is compatible with any game on the market. When racing in a rally game, the 2 triggers allow users to perfectly and simultaneously balance their acceleration and braking to perform and control powerslides. When playing hockey, the triggers provide users with full control over how hard they shoot the puck, just as though they were really on the ice! If you're sniping, pull the trigger for an incredibly fluid zoom with total precision. In fighting games, you can shift your position by pulling the right trigger and hit your opponent at the same time by pressing the buttons." Guaranteed performance!

This new range of gamepads also entices with its design, the result of advanced ergonomic research that responds to the expectations of the most demanding gamers. Combining aestheticism of form and color, these gamepads also offer comfortable handles, high-quality textures and optimal button placement for perfect playability.

Both of the Playstation 2 versions are wireless, giving gamers freedom of movement in addition to superior performance; the gamepads are based on advanced 2.4GHz Radio Frequency technology. Powered by only 2 AA batteries (not included), the Wireless Dual Trigger (PS2) offers outstanding battery life: 60 hours with vibration, or 100 hours without vibration. The higher-end Advance Wireless Dual Trigger (PS2) includes 2 rechargeable batteries for virtually endless battery life. This gamepad also integrates back-lighted buttons and D-pad, allowing users to play in the dark, as well as a reinforced rubber texture on the handgrips. Both gamepads support vibration functions for realistic sensations in games. The two newcomers will be released at a suggested retail price of $39.99 for the Advance Wireless Dual Trigger and $29.99 for the Wireless Dual Trigger.

For PC gamers, the Wireless Dual Trigger also employs advanced RF technology (2.4GHz) and provides the same excellent battery life as its PS2 counterparts: 60 hours with vibration, or 100 hours without vibration, thanks to only 2 AA batteries (not included). Say goodbye to bothersome cables between you and your computer. Setting up the gamepad couldn't be easier: just connect the RF receiver to a PC's USB port, insert the installation CD and you're ready to play. (SRP: $39.99).

When inactive, all 3 gamepads automatically switch to standby mode in order to conserve power.

Last but not least, the Dual Trigger 2-in-1 is the first gamepad compatible with both PC and PlayStation 2 - a truly unique controller for your two favorite gaming platforms! A wired gamepad with vibration functions, its ergonomic design provides optimal comfort when gaming on either system. (SRP: $19.99).

And finally, one more detail sure to tempt even the most exacting gamers: all Dual Trigger series gamepads are equipped with an internal memory chip (EEPROM) which saves the latest settings programmed onto the gamepad, even after the console or computer has been switched off.

So many innovations in one gamepad is a rare occasion! Patent is pending.

The new Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 2-in1 gamepad will be available in the U.S late October 2004. U.S. distribution of the Wireless Dual Trigger and/or Advanced Wireless Dual Trigger is expected early 2005.

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About Thrustmaster

Founded in 1992, Thrustmaster enjoys a strong reputation for designing and developing the ultimate in flight and motor sports simulation accessories. Thrustmaster's technological and marketing expertise allows it to offer a complete range of PC and console gaming accessories, including peripherals developed under Xbox® license.

Licensing agreements with prestigious brands such as Ferrari®, Top Gun®, Beretta® and Splinter Cell®, as well as close collaboration with the US Air Force, contribute to offering perfectly-adapted, innovative accessories to gamers the world over. Thrustmaster has been a division of Guillemot Corporation since 1999.

Guillemot Corporation designs and manufactures a complete range of PC and console hardware and accessories under the Hercules and Thrustmaster brand names. The group's mission is to offer innovative, high-quality products which provide heightened levels of emotion and enjoyment for gamers. Currently present in 12 countries, the group distributes its products across 45 countries in total. Guillemot Corporation is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange New Market, ISIN code FR00066722.

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