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Threat Level Reaches Gold As Atari's Act Of War: Direct Action Nears Launch

Penned By Best-selling Author, Act of War: Direct Action Marches To Manufacturing

BEVERLY, MA, March 1, 2005 - Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) today announced that Act of War: Direct ActionTM, a near-future, techno-thriller for personal computer, featuring a story created and written by New York Times best-selling author Dale Brown and nearly one hour of original, live-action feature film footage has gone gold and is on schedule for its March 15 ship date.

"This collaboration of a New York Times best-selling author, a feature film production company and a very talented development house is an example of Atari's commitment to pushing the creative envelope by encouraging talent from all aspects of the entertainment industry to connect with consumers in an exciting new way," said Wim Stocks, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Atari. "The creative influence of these industry outsiders has raised the bar for what can be achieved in interactive entertainment and Act of War: Direct ActionTM is the new benchmark."

Act of War: Direct ActionTM is a graphically stunning and frighteningly plausible tale of suspense, international intrigue and geopolitical military conflict. Through a techno-thriller story constructed by military expert and author Dale Brown, this real-time strategy experience puts players squarely in control of counterterrorist forces to defend cities of the world. As commander of a newly formed anti-terror military unit known as the Talon Task Force, players will need to recruit combat units, develop technologies, manage finite resources, and deploy their forces against a cunning and ruthless terror network. The single player Act of War: Direct ActionTM demo is taken from the game's sixth mission set in Egypt entitled 'Falling Hawk'.

Developed by Eugen Systems with a storyline and game universe created in cooperation with Dale Brown, New York Times best-selling author and expert on US military, global conflict and future military technology, Act of War: Direct ActionTM is scheduled to release on March 15, 2005 for the personal computer at a suggested retail price $49.99.

For more information and to download the demo please visit:

About Dale Brown

Dale Brown is the author of more than 15 New York Times bestsellers, including Plan of Attack (available in January 2005), his most recent novel starring his intrepid hero, Patrick McLanahan. His next book, Act of War (due out in June 2005), launches an unforgettable new series lead by a young new hero named Jason Richter. This surefire thriller combines geopolitics, terrorism, and plenty of action as it takes readers deep into the new world of intelligence-focused warfare like never before. A former U. S. Air Force captain, Brown can often be found flying his own plane over the skies of Nevada. He lives near Lake Tahoe. To learn more about Dale Brown and his books, visit his web site at:

About Atari

New York-based Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) develops interactive games for all platforms and is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company's 1,000+ titles include hard-core, genre-defining games such as DRIV3RTM, Enter the MatrixTM, Neverwinter NightsTM, StuntmanTM, Test Drive®, Unreal® Tournament 2004, and Unreal® Championship; and mass-market and children's games such as Backyard SportsTM, Nickelodeon's Blue's CluesTM and Dora the ExplorerTM, Dragon Ball Z® and RollerCoaster Tycoon®. Atari, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext - ISIN: FR-0000052573), the largest interactive games publisher in Europe. For more information, visit

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