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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Open Beta Announced

Gamers are invited to participate in the ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Open Beta

YORBA LINDA, California - September 25th, 2006 - Iocaine Studios has announced today that their first commercial title, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol, is now accepting open beta signups. Gamers are invited to experience this unique and innovative game firsthand. ThreadSpace: Hyperbol offers intense combat with highly tactical gameplay in an online team environment.

"It took us a while, but we're finally ready to show the world how this game plays. Our closed beta testers really helped us to fine tune and polish several aspects of the game. They're really looking forward to open beta so more people can see how great this game is." said Jason Fader, Iocaine's President and Lead Designer of ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. "Open beta will test the waters a bit for us. It will help us see how much the game can handle and how large of an interest gamers have in the game. We're just a team of 4 friends that left our jobs to do what we love, so it's a bit difficult for us to gauge those factors on our own without funding. We're hoping the open beta will show us what we need in order to have a successful launch."

To participate in the open beta, sign up at The test is currently not limited, but if things start breaking, signups are likely to be halted for a short time. Open beta will last for 3-4 weeks and participants will be able to experience all of the online features of ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. New gameplay videos, screenshots, and a section for the game's story have been added to the ThreadSpace: Hyperbol website ( to help show gamers what this game is about.

About Iocaine Studios

Iocaine Studios ( was formed in 2003 by Jason Fader, Nicholas Lawson, Matthew Yaeger, and Stuart Lawson. Currently located in Yorba Linda, California, Iocaine Studios is actively developing their first commercial title, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol. Their innovative ideas, artistic direction, and game design methods set this team apart from the rest. From humble beginnings, the team at Iocaine hopes to grow the company and continue making great games.

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