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THQ hails uDraw momentum

Wii peripheral helps push shares up 32%

Early signs point to THQ's art tablet accessory for Wii, uDraw, as being a sales success.

The publisher is not releasing figures as yet, but has enjoyed a dramatic leap in its share price since the $70 peripheral's release on November 14.

At the start of the month THQ's shares had dipped to a recent low of $3.90, but yesterday were up 31.8 per cent to $5.14 - the company's highest value since June.

THQ is known to have produced 1.3 million uDraw units, scaled up from 1 million after a positive retailer response.

Reuters reports that the accessory reached seventh in's videogame charts, in a period of strong competition from the likes of Black Ops and Kinect.

"U-draw is selling so well I'm afraid they'll rename the company THQ-Draw," joked THQ VP Danny Bilson on Twitter last night.

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