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THQ describes "three-pronged" Wii plan

CEO Brian Farrell talks about achieving success on Nintendo's console and reveals de Blob sales of over 700,000 units

THQ's president and CEO, Brian Farrell, has outlined the publisher's strategy for increasing sales on the Wii, detailing a "three-pronged attack".

Speaking at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference, Farrell talked about the success the company had seen on the Wii and the types of games they saw as suitable for Nintendo's console.

"The Wii is a much more casual experience, much more social experience," Farrell explained, "if you look at a lot of the games on the Wii what really works is that social experience, a lot of people playing together in the family room. So when we think about the Wii we've got a three-pronged attack."

Farrell described how the company will focus on creating three specific types of Wii games, including high cost "Nintendo-esque" titles, cheap low budget games and licensed titles.

He continued: "We've got things like de Blob last year… a full price, high production value, Nintendo-esque game."

"We're very pleased at de Blob, over 700,000 units at full price, USD 49.99. We can make money on games like that… Then there's a very good category we like a lot, made for budget. Things like Big Beach Sports, which shipped over 1.3 million units at a very low price point but at a very low cost."

"Thee last part is all of our licensed titles, things like WWE, Pixar, Nickelodeon, and one of our big new brands for kids Marvel's Superhero Squad."

Yesterday, THQ closed its international business as part of a wider cost cutting measure to cut 600 jobs.

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