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THQ CEO: No need for new consoles yet

Technology arms race "days are over" and broader audiences key - Farrell

THQ president Brian Farrell has refuted calls for a new generation of consoles.

"Frankly, the last thing I think the industry needs now is new hardware," the publisher's CEO told IGN. "You look at the games coming out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 now and they look stunning."

"What's the proposition for the person shelling out the $300-$400 for the system and the $60 for a game, what is value proposition for that gamer?"

"Better graphics? They're pretty darn good now... Where it's going to be is in the play experience; richer stories, better characters, production values that are much more like movies."

"I think that's the direction, rather than technology and graphics. I think those days are over."

Pointing at the increased costs new consoles would entail for hardware-makers and game developer alike, he claimed that "to have an extended cycle with a broader audience I think, strategically, is exactly the right way to go.

"Move and Kinect are both designed to do that."

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