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THQ Boss: traditional hardware cycles no longer exist

Brian Farrell instead believes the industry has a series of sub-cycles that companies must adapt to

The industry's traditional hardware cycles no longer exist, says THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell.

Farrell suggested that instead of one cycle there are in fact several sub-cycles, stemming from a presentation at the Pacific Crest 10th Anniversary Technology Leadership Forum, in Vail, Colorado. He identified three sub-cycles as being the handheld market, Nintendo's Wii market and the competition between the Xbox 360 and PS3, according to MTV Multiplayer.

"We used to always think of this industry as 'the cycle'," he said. "I think the reality now is there are several sub-cycles."

"It's hard now to talk about 'the cycle' - I think we have to talk about all of the cycles... The way we think about it at THQ is we plan our business around each of those platforms, not around 'the cycle.'"

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