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Publishing label 505 Gamestreet is proud to announce the UK release of The Bible Game, a multiplayer quiz game featuring over 1500 biblical questions and mini-game challenges based on the inspirational teachings of the Old Testament.

30th May 2006

How well do you know the Old Testament tales? Could you preach a sermon on Sodom or would you babble uncertainly if asked about the Tower of Babel? Now you can test your Old Testament knowledge in a first for UK video games. The Bible Game is a non-denominational, family-oriented multiplayer Bible quiz game for one-to-four players that's suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Today's technology teams up with the Old Testament in question rounds and mini-games that represent stories from the Bible. It's hearty fun you can enjoy individually or together, as a family. With The Bible Game, you can feel good about kids playing video games.

Join the energetic, ever-smiling host Justin Warren and three rival contestants on the fictional game show "Do Unto Others". Players take it in turns to reveal panels on the game board that hide either rapid-fire question rounds, mini-game challenges or sudden death rounds, to score the most points and win the game. Points are collected and added up at the end of each round but watch out for the fearsome "Wrath of God" panel. Reveal this and you can kiss goodbye to points accumulated during that round, adding an element of fun and surprise to the proceedings.

To ensure The Bible Game is as entertaining as possible for everyone, players can customise the game each time they play by using the in-game options to adjust the difficulty level and obscurity of references in the questions, the level of challenge in the mini-games and even the length of the TV game show itself.

The multiplayer mini-games include challenges based on Jonah and the whale, the Tower of Babel, David and Goliath, Parting of the Red Sea and Creation. They can also be played as a fun game in their own right, minus the game show element if players want a more action-packed experience. Accompanying the frantic action in these challenges are music tracks from some of the hottest Christian rock artists of the moment.

The Bible Game offers wholesome fun with fast-paced, beat the buzzer style action that's suitable for all ages to enjoy. Developed by Crave Entertainment, The Bible Game releases on PlayStation 2 on 30th June priced £29.99 from publishing label 505 Gamestreet.

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