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Online magazine launches editorial-for-clickthroughs exchange for indie Web-based games.

Thirteen – Press Release, Hull, Wednesday 13th August 2008/…

Thirteen1 is offering the chance to independent games FREE coverage in their popular free to read magazine by launching a unique article-submission system.

What is the Article Submission System?

The Article submission system is a way for independent web games to let Thirteen1 know of their presence in the gaming world.

Game owners can request a unique referral code, which can be attached to a button, banner or a text link somewhere on their website.

Each account will be awarded points for sending unique visitors/readers through to Thirteen1 magazine every 24 hours.

Why should games sign up?

As an independent publication Thirteen1 is committed to covering games of all sizes in the magazine and likes to give everyone a fair chance of coverage.

Because Thirteen1 are physically unable to keep track of the popularity of every game on the internet, (which helps them determine the best time to feature a title), the amount of points that games accumulate will be their indication of its current growth and popularity.

Points are earned by sending unique visitors to the Thirteen1 website, with additional points earned if the visitor then completes a particular goal (such as reading the magazine) during their referred visit.

When the 100,000 points milestone is reached, the system will alert the Thirteen1 team of the fact and they will automatically begin the process of considering the game for an article.

Why are the points based on Thirteen1 site conversions?

This is not just a way for Thirteen1 to boost their traffic stats and website conversions, that would be both underhand and against the ethos of the magazine!

Instead, the Thirteen1 team will judge the quality of the gamer based traffic on the way that they interact with the website and magazine, which will ultimately allow them to best determine the way to feature the game within the magazine.

This really is something for nothing! Thirteen1 are dedicated to providing games of all sizes with coverage within the magazine, and this is purely one of the systems for keeping a check on the growth of a title.

Visit for more information and to register an account.


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