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March issue online now.

The superb and entirely free March 13th edition of Thirteen1 is now available, as on time and punctual as ever - 13th of the month, 1pm!

If you fancy a journey through time and space, a spot of charitable gaming, a bit of god killing and some hilarious Facebook espionage, this issue of the monthly eZine is definitely for you.

The legendary DrunkenGamer has been all the over the place in the last few weeks, and while there are often problems keeping up with 'where' he is (usually in bed, hungover, playing Plants vs. Zombies on his iPhone), this month also has the Thirteen1 crew wondering...'when'.

Thanks to top indie developers Hazardous Software, the DrunkenGamer has been on a trip through time during his hands-on with Achron, their upcoming meta-time RTS. This new take on the RTS-genre gives you the ability to jump through time to defeat your opponent! Sound confusing? It is, a bit..

When he finally found his way back to the future..or, present..the often unsober reviewer went straight into the beta world of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. He's been wanting this for over a decade! Check out his hands-on to see if it was worth the wait.

Elsewhere, Thirteen1 celebrated the growing world of Facebook games by playing Big Daddy's Chicks' newest offering, Cold War: Clambake. More than just a fishy name, this spy-based espionage game is as hilarious as it is brilliant. If you're a 'Facebooker', this is well worth having a look at.

T1 also toasted the fact that both Game Horizon and the Nordic Games Conference have accepted them as their official media partners! These guys do loads of top events for budding developers and established businesses alike and are well worth checking out. There is a summary of Game Horizon's upcoming State of Independence Conference, as well as a big look at what the Nordic Games Conference has to offer.

This issue also sees Thirteen1 take on a few epics, slaying gods with Kratos in God of War III, feeling emotionally drained with Heavy Rain, going through hell with Dante's Inferno (be sure to check out the DrunkenGamer's drinking game for this one) and re-exploring Rapture with Bioshock 2.

If the MMO-space is more your thing, there is a look at the much anticipated Runes of Magic expansion, a cracking hands-on with PlayOMG's N.E.O Online, and a round up of what the high-kicking martial-arts based World of Kung Fu has to offer.

To top it all off, Thirteen1 speak with the awesomely charitable guys over at OneBigGame, who have just released Zoe Mode's Chime, their first none-profit hit, and countdown gaming's 13 biggest twats of all time!

Comps and Giveaways!

Fancy some free goodies? Then check out the competitions page in Thirteen1!

This month brings the opportunity to get your hands on some very cool, Half-Minute Hero designer tee's. Make sure you show your appreciation for a bygone era of gaming by wearing one of these.

Hazardous Software were kind enough to donate 3 copies of their pre-release Achron builds to giveaway. Meaning you can play the game all the way through the games development cycle!

Of course there's also the regular retro-gaming blow out, courtesy of

Enjoy the issue!

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