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Latest issue is now available.

The South African fun is over, and unless you're lucky enough to be Spanish (or don't care about football), you'll undoubtedly be nursing some kind of World Cup hurt..

Luckily, as always, gaming is here to act as a shining light in the darkest of times, and the 100% free-to-read July issue of Thirteen1 magazine is now available, covering all of the month's top gaming releases.

There's little reason to be down with all of this finger-bashing fun to be had.

The much anticipated Crackdown 2 has finally jumped onto the scene, and right onto the front cover of Thirteen1, probably leaping over a massive skyscraper while firing a rocket launcher in mid-air to get there. Does it live up to expectations? Check out T1's extensive review of all things super-powered to find out.

EA have fittingly released FIFA Online just in time for everyone to right their personal international wrongs, so T1 has jumped straight in there to cover it with a beta hands-on. Will it prove as popular as it's console counterpart?

The DrunkenGamer has had a great time flying around Cataclysm, the latest mind-blowing expansion for Blizzard's World of WarCraft, and wishes you was there so much that he's put together a brand new feature, Wish You Were Here, showing you all of the best areas before it's released.

You'll also find his monthly insight into the world of game design for Omerta – this time addressing the importance of balance in gaming - and the lovable inebriate even managed to explore Babel, the recently released expansion to gPotato's popular browser-based MMORPG Castle of Heroes, and had a chat with the producer of the game to find out how it's all going.

This month's 13-1 countdown features the most Badass Boss Fights of all time, from the classic Mr Burns encounter in the only attempt at a Simpsons game that should be acknowledged, to the giant Great Mighty Poo in Conkers Bad Fur Day. Be sure to find out the most badass boss fight ever, then send your e-mails of abuse to the T1 staff when it doesn't match your opinion.

Of course, last month saw the incredibly crucial E3 expo roll into LA, showcasing just about every game you should be looking forward to playing in the next year or so. T1's TurkeySaladBoy gives his own, rather unique, take on the events, exploring the type of games at the event that don't often get as much love as they deserve. Well worth checking out if you're hunting for that next indie gem.

All of this is complemented by an alpha-stage look at upcoming browser-based MMO, Biker Battles, which promises to be made entirely from player-suggestions; a preview of anticipated point-and-clicker, Lost Horizon; a review of Blacklight: Tango Down; another extensive look at how to break into the gaming industry; a daring feature on which is best for you - Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2; special reviews on gaming music; and much, much more!

Comps and Giveaways!

Thirteen1 are giving you the chance to get your hands on loads of free goodies this month!

To celebrate the release of the iPhone 4, there is a free chance to bag a copy of Plants vs. Zombies – arguably the best game to feature on the worlds leading mobile phone.

You can be the envy of your FPS-mate by getting your hands on a Splitfish Dual SFX Frag PRO controller, and the T1 guys are even having their annual office clear out, giving you the opportunity to win a mystery box of the random clobber they come across!

Enjoy the issue!

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