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June issue readable online now.

Thirteen1 - Press Release, Hull, Monday 15th June 2009... ← go here now to skip the below text and dive straight into the latest edition of Thirteen1!

Crack open a beer (or a nice juice if you're too young), get your hand-held console and enjoy yourself in the garden – you no doubt deserve it...just make sure you don't forget to print this latest issue of Thirteen1 and take it with you!

The Best of E3!

It's been an exciting month for gaming, with this years E3 turning out to be one of the best in recent memory. All of the big players came to the convention and blew audiences away with their announcements, from the likes of Project Natal to upcoming sequels and new IP's.

T1 have handily rounded up all of the best bits in this issues “Best of E3” section, just in case you missed a few, or happen to think Natal is some kind of futuristic space programme.

Top Content!

This top issue sees Paddy the Drunken Gamer finally getting the chance to clear his hangover by flying into lampposts with the beta of Champions Online, Cryptic's hugely anticipated superhero MMORPG. Be sure to check out his hands-on preview, where you can discover the true depths of the games much-heralded character creation and battle features!

T1 also goes hands-on with The Sims 3, the latest instalment in EA's Sims mega-franchise (and it wasn't pirated either!), zip around bullet-filled skies in Battlestations: Pacific and head on back to the wastelands with Broken Steel, the latest DLC offering for Fallout 3.

Not enough? Then why not check out the review of the oddly original Zeno Clash, or indulge in a bit of team-based fun with the immense Killing Floor special feature.

Free Comps and Giveaways!

And that's nowhere near all, as you can expect the usual mix of rants, interviews, retro goodness and gaming related features too. And, of course, we haven't forgotten about the prizes – check out the comps page now to get your hands on loads of free gaming goodies!

Enjoy the issue!

-Thirteen1 Team

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