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Festive edition now available.

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The festive December issue of online-based gaming magazine Thirteen1 is available now, celebrating the holiday season with tons of gaming goodness. This month's edition is packed with reviews, previews, first looks and comps, and is entirely free to read, making it the best early Christmas present on offer! 

This December sees Thirteen1 cover a host of upcoming releases, from Ben Gonyo's brand new MMO documentary, Gamers, to first looks at  WoW: Cataclysm and CyberStep's soon to be released sci-fi shooter,  CosmicBreak. 

In one of the issue's stand out features, T1 takes a special look at the world of  videogame music with a feature that's packed with interviews and tips from the industry's leading figures.

To honour the much under appreciated driving force of modern gaming, Thirteen1's videogame music expert, Alec-Ross Bower, has a chat with  Tommy Tallarico, Norihiko Hibino, and the legendary Jack Wall of Mass Effect fame. Not to be missed! 

T1's DrunkenGamer is celebrating the launch of  Cataclysm  in style, cramming a special 4-page edition of his regular  Wish You Were Here feature, as well as his  first impressions of the latest expansion to hit WoW, into the mag. 

The Wish You Were Here special, which takes a look at the 4 phases of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm's epic pre-launch event, features tons of screenshots of all the best in-game action that lead up to the expansion's release. 

Definitely check this one out, especially if you didn't have chance to experience the action yourself! 

The DrunkenGamer has had a heck of a busy month, traversing the gaming spectrum to end 2010 with a bang. Here, he takes a look at what we can expect from  Mythos and  Tera, two of 2011's most anticipated MMO releases, before moving on to covering all things  Sonic Colours,  Game Design, and offer up some of his best  Drinking Games for you to enjoy this Christmas. 

Ben Gonyo's new independent documentary,  Gamer's, takes a light hearted look at the virtual world of MMO gaming, including everything from the social benefits of the fast growing genre, to the claims of addiction and life destruction that tend to cloud online gaming in the media. 

Lovers of all things indie, Thirteen1 have got an early review tucked away inside this month's issue, as well as a  special comp where you can win a copy for yourself! 

Of course, all of your favourite regular features are present and accounted for, including a 13-1 countdown of  Gamings Best Adverts, retro reviews of classics like  Baldur's Gate 2 and Moto Racer, top tips on  how to get a job in the gaming industry, and more. Mix it all up with reviews of  Alien Breed 3: Descent,  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, as well as looks at how  gPotato and  TQ Digital have been keeping themselves busy, and you have a cracking issue of T1 to keep you occupied long into the new year. 

Enjoy the issue folks. Next one is out in January, 2011! 

Comps and Giveaways!

This month's issue of T1 features no less than 8  free-to-enter comps. Well, tis the season! 

T1 have teamed up with the guys behind puzzler of the year contender, The Ball, to offer a special competition where you can get your hands on a copy of the game with some extra goodies.

There's also the opportunity to bag a copy of Gonyo's excellent new documentary, Gamers, as well as a chance to pick up the likes of Lionheart, Fallen Earth: Blood Sports, KoF XII, Lord of the Rings: Aragon's Quest, and more. 

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