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Think you know the beautiful game?

Konami of Europe launches online quiz to celebrate the phenomenal launch success of Pro Evolution Soccer 5

Konami of Europe's UK division has released an online quiz game to continue its promotion of the phenomenally successful Pro Evolution Soccer 5. Entitled Going for Goal, the web-based game tests the user's knowledge of football trivia as they attempt to score goals against a strict time limit.

As Pro Evolution Soccer 5 sits atop the UK's multi-format games chart as the fastest-selling football game of all time, visitors are invited to name their team and take on a friend or CPU competitors in a tough quiz setting. The play area is split into two coloured formations, each representing those taking part. As a clock ticks away, the player is asked a series of multiple-choice questions. On correctly answering one, the ball is passed forward towards the opposition goal, while getting it wrong sees the CPU or second player gain possession. If the user strings together a succession of correct answers, a goal is scored and the player is rewarded with gameplay footage from Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

The game has been designed by freelance journalist Warren Chrismas and developed by Next New Media, and will be constantly updated with fresh questions to prevent it becoming repetitive. Similarly, successful players will be entered into a monthly draw and will receive a subscription to FourFourTwo magazine and a Konami game of their choice.

"There has never really been a decent online football quiz, so we thought we would celebrate the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 by making the definitive one," commented Jon Murphy, UK PR and Marketing Manager for Konami of Europe. "Going for Goal is a tough but fun quiz that really comes into its own against a friend - and reflects the competitive nature of Pro Evolution Soccer 5 perfectly."

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