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THINGS-TO-COME Releases LunarPilot For MS Flight Simulator 2004

LunarPilot is a computer flight simulation of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV). The LLRV was originally developed by NASA and Bell Aerosystems in the 1960ís to prepare Apollo Astronauts for the moon landing.

Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, first human to step onto the moon's surface, said, "The mission would not have been successful without the type of simulation that resulted from the LLRV's.

Unlike many experimental aircraft of this enthralling era, the LLRV was never intended to represent an aviational prototype at all. It's only reason for existence was to accommodate and familiarize the Apollo astronauts with the attitudes of a rocket-powered vehicle that flies under distinctive non-aerodynamic regimes, such as those experienced during a lunar orbit and the ensuing touchdown. It is probably the most visionary hardware simulator ever built.

Nowadays, PC-power converts these rather dry historical facts into a comprehensible adventure. Welcome to LunarPilot. You are about to liftoff from the shoulders of a worldwide acclaimed flight simulation standard.

LunarPilot is a complete package of aircraft, scenery, and historic documentation. The Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) in Microsoft Flight Simulator is completely realistic, offering typical flight characteristics/envelope, operational appearance and features like lunar mode, pilot ejection sequence, and more...

The scenery is set in the 1960's and includes a complex city, functional runway, and the Lunar Terrain Simulator (LTS) with 1000 sqyards of moonscape at a resolution of 25cm/pix!

LunarPilot is available as download or CD-ROM from and selected retailers.


THINGS-TO-COME is an international team of computer flight simulation enthusiasts, game developers, and real world pilots. Our passion for flight simulation brought us together to push the envelope further in the ongoing evolution of simulation software.

We develop, publish, and sell high quality add-ons for the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft Flight Simulator, with a market share of over 90%, is the choice for pros and hobby pilots alike for their PC flight experience. It's open file architecture allows software developers to expand your virtual aircraft hangar and world.

We have partnered with leading industry developers and publishers from around the world to offer you the best selection of flight simulation products in our online shop or at Unlike many large retailers, we offer personal customer service and an interactive meeting place for the flight simulation community. After all, it's our hobby and passion that we have turned into a business and we work from the heart.

We encourage you to participate in our forum, ask questions, and send us feedback. Our headquarters are located in Washington DC (USA), with a subsidary located in Austria in the heart of europe.

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