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A genetics & brain science game aimed at 11 - 16 year olds.

This week, from Saturday 26th June, the Science Museum re-launches the ‘Who am I?’ gallery, a central part of the Wellcome Wing, the Museum’s home of contemporary science. It covers contemporary genetics and brain science through a mix of interactive exhibits and displays, aimed at 11-16 year olds.

The gallery will be a world class showcase for the achievements of the last decade of biomedical progress, and will include a number of newly commissioned exhibits designed to excite and engage a young audience.

Core to the launch and ongoing activity, the Science Museum has released ‘Thingdom’, an interactive game experience designed to convey the complex subject matter of genetics and genetic inheritance simply and effectively through rich gameplay, characterisation and scenarios.

‘Thingdom’ is a Science Museum commission created by Preloaded, an award winning creative studio focusing on arts, entertainment and education.

‘Thingdom’ is a place where visitors can create new life and learn about the random nature of genetic inheritance that determines how traits are passed down from generation to generation. Players can create their own ‘Things’ which they nurture over time. As their 'Thing' flourishes and matures the player will discover its genetic pre-disposition and find it a mate that will help complete the 'Mating Challenges'.

Central to the lifecycle is mating, where once your ‘thing’ comes of age you can allow it to reproduce with another ‘thing’ to produce a child. This starts a new cycle of gameplay where the player learns what characteristics the offspring has inherited.

‘Thingdom’ is a ‘Massively single player’ game where all creatures interact asynchronously, meaning that kids can develop and mate their things without the worry of real time activity. The game design is beautifully crafted, featuring wonderfully imaginative characters that are fun and empathetic.

Genetic inheritance and environmental effects are directly

demonstrated through gameplay, and players have the ability to save their lineage and share with friends.

‘Thingdom’ also has a Facebook Graph component which allows players to broadcast their progress via Facebook, encouraging engagement and distribution.

The game can be found at:


“We have created an online experience that is as enchanting as it is educational, covering a very difficult subject in a way that will really engage kids and fulfill their enquiring minds. It is a rich and vibrant experience which will really help kids connect to the concept of genetics.”

Phil Stuart – Creative Director, Preloaded

About Preloaded

Preloaded is an award winning creative studio, focusing on arts, entertainment and education. They create playful, interactive and educational products, which engage, surprise and excite. With a sharp eye for quality and a passion for engaging audiences, they are at the forefront of digital multi-platform content creation and delivery.

Preloaded work with a range of clients, from broadcasters and production companies to galleries, museums, educators and enlightened brands. Their client list includes, amongst others, the BBC, Channel 4, Science Museum, Tate, Parliament Education and Arts Council England.

Award wins include gongs from BAFTA, Cannes Lions, Royal Television Society, SXSW (Best of Show) and most recently another BIMA award in the games category for Channel 4's 1066 game. Based in London's Shoreditch area, Preloaded is still independent and has just celebrated its 10th birthday.

Commissioner – Jane Audas / Science Museum

Production Co - Preloaded

Creative Director – Phil Stuart

For more information contact:

Preloaded contact: Paul Canty – 020 7684 3505, paul@preloaded.com

About the Science Museum

For 100 years the Science Museum has been world-renowned for its historic collection, remarkable galleries and inspirational exhibitions. With around 15,000 objects on public display, the Science Museum’s collections form an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical change from the past few centuries. Aiming to be the best place in the world for people to enjoy science, the Science Museum makes sense of the science that shapes our lives,

sparking curiosity, releasing creativity and changing the future by engaging people of all generations and backgrounds in science engineering, medicine, technology, design and enterprise. In 2008/09 the Science Museum was proud to have been awarded the Gold Award for Visitor Attraction of the Year by Visit London and a Silver Award for

Large Visitor Attraction of the Year by Enjoy England.

For more information contact:

Andrew Marcus – 020 7942 4357, andrew.marcus@sciencemuseum.org.uk

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