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They Need To Be Fed

Created with Game Maker, available now and possessing our favourite game name of the day.

November 18 th 2010, Dundee – They Need To Be Fed by Jesse Venbrux is his first commercial game through YoYo Game Store and promising to be a hit right out the gate.

Jesse has been using Game Maker for around 7 years and created around 15 or more games. He’s best known for his ‘Karoshi’ series of games but won first place with They Need To Be Fed in the YoYo Games fifth games competition, March 2010. He’s only 23yrs old. 

They Need To Be Fed is a game where you have to run and jump through 7 crazy worlds to feed the monsters. It doesn't matter which way you go: You can't fall off because of the 360°gravity. Jumping from rotating planes to moving ones, avoid dangers and collect diamonds. Each world has 7 exciting levels and a special "x" level to unlock.

Jesse has been recently working in the YoYo office in Dundee, Scotland to assist production of They Need To Be Fed. He says “I have my own website and several blogs, magazines etc have featured my work. I love development with Game Maker, it’s the easiest way to get a game onto a new platform”. Jesse chose publishing through the YoYo Game Store and recommends it “if you are familiar with Game Maker and don’t have the skills/means to develop/publish something yourself, or just don’t want to go through the trouble” as a means to get entry to the casual gaming marketplace.

They Need to Be Fed is available from 17 th November 2010 on iTunes, on sale at $0.99 on iPhone - http://store.yoyogames.com/games/11-they-need-to-be-fed---out-on-iphone

and $1.99 on iPad - http://store.yoyogames.com/games/10-they-need-to-be-fed-hd

The YoYo Games Store aim to publish more than 500 games by 2012. With YoYo’s potential to publish original, high quality games at a low cost makes the company an excellent springboard into a potential gaming career for any budding developers.

For more information visit YoYo Games Store http://store.yoyogames.com

To play YoYo Games and get Game Maker visit http://yoyogames.com

For further information please contact; kirsty@yoyogames.com


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