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Theatre of War II: Africa 1943

How-to videos released.

Who: Theatre of War 2, the sequel to the most realistic WW II RTS ever produced

What: The videos highlight a number of important game features, interface concepts and "How to's", such as how to work the camera (and what the difference is between the default RTS camera and the "free" camera mode), how to use hand grenades and waypoints, or how important spotting, scouting and fire superiority are in the game.

Theatre of War was considered to be the most realistic simulation of battle ever played on a PC. The sequel, Theatre of War 2, covers the events of 1943 during the operations in Tunisia. Recovered from losses after their defeat at Al-Alamein, Germany's Afrika Korps, supported by an Italian military contingent and new powerful weapons, marched against the Allies. The German troops were commanded by General Rommel and had the chance for a quick victory. However, their military operations were severely prolonged, and the plans of the German general were about to fail. Players will have the option to lead the German Afrika Korps of Rommel in their last full-scale attack or be at the head of the opposing English and American armies, led by Montgomery and Eisenhower, during 15 missions in three campaigns.

The game presents more than 40 types of different vehicles, new types of units, improved graphics and sound, a new advanced visual system that considers observation angle and smoke screens, fights inside buildings and hand-to-hand fighting, a brand new interface, improved soldiers' AI, soldiers' independent search for cover and an improved infantry damage system. Special attention is being devoted to multiplayer and user created missions.

The game will cost $45.00 USD and will be available both as digital download and physical copy (DVD with printed manual).

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