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Theatre of War 3: Korea

The curtain is raised at the theatre. OF WAR.

Dubbed by some as the "best game of the series yet", Theatre of War 3 Korea adds a whole new dimension to tactical historical warfare! And we do not only mean the inclusion of helicopters to the modern battlefield, but also the addition of a whole new strategic game mode on top of the tactical simulation engine, bringing your combat experience to a whole new level.

Theatre of War 3 Korea begins where World War II ended. Replay the events of the first hot war of the Cold War era – the Korean War, also known as the Forgotten War! The players are involved in two campaigns, both set in 1950: the North Korean campaign spans June 25 – August 20 and the American campaign from September 15 – October 8.

Theatre of War 3 Korea is available immediately for only \$35 as a digital download, for \$35 plus S&H as mail order (including printed manual, DVD and box), or \$45 plus S&H for both digital download & mail delivery, for the best value. A free trial version of the game will be made available in the next days. Don't miss this innovative and evolutionary new tactical masterpiece, teleporting you to the 1950's when the Cold War turned hot!   

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