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The world's first Tattoo Challenge to be held at GDC

Skövde, Sweden

January 6, 2007

For immediate release

Gaming and tattoos! What's the deal? Swedish game developer Lockpick Entertainment today announced the first annual Dreamlords World Tattoo Challenge to be held at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The challenge will run during the entire Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week and aims to find the coolest and most original game related tattoo. Teaming up with Jon Selin, Lead Designer of recently launched MMOG Dreamlords and tattoo aficionado is well-known in-game celebrity The Swamp King, and the two of them will act sovereign judges.

Participants are invited to present themselves at the Nordic Pavilion (N5320) from Wednesday March 7 until Friday March 9 to meet the judges. The tattoos will be judged on their originality, relevance to gaming and over-all quality. The lucky winner will walk away with a signed Dreamlords Collector's Edition and a 1-year subscription in addition to the honour of being the first Dreamlords World Tattoo Challenge winner ever.

David Rosén, CEO of Lockpick Entertainment:

"I am thrilled to announce the world's first ever Dreamlords World Tattoo Challenge for games. We got the idea after seeing some of our more devoted fans pieces of art but we also know that there are many game related tattoos out there so we decided it would be a fun idea to make it more official."


About Dreamlords

Dreamlords is a MMO-cross genre game that combines role playing aspects such as character development, trade skills, and special abilities with a RTS combat mode. Dreamlords has an asynchronous online model where an infinite amount of players exist in the same universe where fierce battles are fought between players over the precious lands.

Dreamlords is much like playing a traditional RTS game online with the added enhancement of a persistent world filled with exploration, questing and wars for conquest.

For more information about Dreamlords, please visit or contact:

David Rosén, CEO Lockpick Entertainment

Tel: +46 709 411 262

Marcus Legler, PR

Tel: +46 708 257 876

About Lockpick Entertainment

Lockpick Entertainment is a privately funded company in the digital entertainment industry focusing on the development of computer games based on original concepts. Located in Skövde, Sweden the company was founded 2005 and has 15 employees. The company recently released Dreamlords, a unique game that blends RTS, RPG and Strategy.

Lockpick Entertainment works closely with the University of Skövde and Gothia Science Park.

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