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The world's first games magazine for women kicks off on April 4

play vanilla - launch campaignat a media volume of € 2.8 million

It's here at last on April 4 - the world's first games magazine for women for 1.90 at a six-figure print volume. At a media volume of 2.8 million, the marketing campaign for the first issue of play vanilla is set to produce around 10 million new contacts.

Already introduced in the December issue of Joy fashion magazine as an insert, play vanilla will be appearing at around 130 pages in pocket format every two months from April 4. The play vanilla editorial office will be covering topics such as PC, video, and mobile games specifically aimed at younger women. This means inspiring articles, cool design, high benefit, and fun factor.

Computec Media AG will be supporting the play vanilla sales launch with printed ads at a media volume of over 1 million in magazines such as Prinz, Petra, Joy, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and TV direct, along with TV and big-screen commercial spots at just shy of 280,000 on Vox, MTV, Super RTL, and in UCI cinemas as well as advertising banners on high-outreach websites at just under 1.5 million.

"The time has come for a women's magazine," says Petra Fröhlich, play vanilla and PC Games editor-in-chief. "The overwhelming reactions from thirty countries on the play vanilla launch plus the extremely positive results from initial reader surveys have confirmed it. Almost all participants want to see play vanilla appear on a regular basis. The fresh, feminine magazine concept is directly addressed to keen women gamers, who are out of the range for ordinary games magazines."

According to Computec Media AG CEO Johannes Sevket Gözalan, "the unbelievable international reactions to the first issue of play vanilla along with excellent feedback from agencies and games publishers are unmistakable proof that Computec has again lived up to its pioneering and market leader position in electronic entertainment. This market-hitting innovation will not only extend our readership, but also serve one of the most important target groups in burgeoning entertainment segment in all social strata. We will be starting play vanilla as an independent print and online title supported by a seven-figure media volume and a six-figure print volume. The play vanilla magazine will build on our exceptional success story we enjoy with SFT, PC Games, and buffed.de."

Based in Fürth, Germany, COMPUTEC MEDIA serves millions of readers and users every month with its magazines, digital media (DVD) and online portals covering the world of electronic entertainment. COMPUTEC MEDIA provides its readership with expert information on issues such as digital lifestyle, PC and video gaming, hardware, software, movies and DVDs, as well as kids' interests. The company has a staff of around 170 employees. COMPUTEC MEDIA AG is a member of the Marquard Media AG group based in Zug, Switzerland. Jürg Marquard is the publisher.

For further information, please contact:

Petra Fröhlich; Editor-in-Chief

Tel.: +49 (911) 2872-119; e-mail: petra.froehlich@computec.de

For booking requests, please contact:

Hans Ippisch; Commercial Director

Tel.: +49 (911) 28 72-135; e-mail: hans.ippisch@computec.de

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