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The Ultimate Game Card

"Stored value" card now available online for resellers worldwide.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - September 15, 2008

Ultimate Game Card™, the stored value card by PayByCash®, is easily the most versatile game card on the market. Supporting more than 200 multiplayer games and virtual worlds, it is available in more than 16,000 retail stores in the U.S. With Ultimate Game Card’s ever growing popularity, PayByCash (subsidiary of PlaySpan Inc.) has launched an online version of the card available to resellers worldwide.

“The acceptance of Ultimate Game Card has been swift, with sales doubling every month over the last few months,” said PayByCash president, Kevin Higgins. “Multiplayer games and virtual worlds are international and there is a strong demand for a global version of Ultimate Game Card. We are now pleased to offer Ultimate Game Card to resellers worldwide. Selling the Ultimate Game Card is an immediate way for virtually any business to generate revenues and bring new customers into a physical store location.”

“Prepaid cards have become one of the most popular payment methods for multiplayer online games and now businesses and entrepreneurs can purchase game codes in bulk and choose between instant delivery of digital codes or rapid delivery of physical Ultimate Game Cards," said Karl Mehta, Founder & CEO of PlaySpan Inc, "They can then sell the cards to customers or others they know who want a convenient means to pay for premium content online”

These codes are redeemable in all of PayByCash’s supported games. The majority of online game publishers in the Western Hemisphere accept payments via PayByCash. This is an ideal product for Internet cafes and game centers; it’s also a great product for new entrepreneurs, who can sell them anywhere that gamers hang out. When the reseller delivers an Ultimate Game Card code to their customer, the customer redeems the code on the website of their favorite game or on the PayByCash point of purchase page. For more information go to the Ultimate Game Card website ( http://www.ultimategamecard.com).

About Ultimate Game Card and PayByCash

Ultimate Game Card can be used for more than 200 multiplayer games and virtual worlds through PayByCash. It is available in more than 12,000 stores in the US as a pre-paid card in $10 and $20 increments and will soon be in Canadian stores. PayByCash’s Ultimate Game Card™ is also available to resellers worldwide in increments of $10, $15 and $20 USD at www.ultimategamecard.com.

PayByCash® (subsidiary of PLAYSPAN INC.) has been empowering non-credit card customers and the Internet businesses that want to reach them since 1998. PayByCash offers more than 70 payment methods with a global reach, typically with no transaction fee to the merchant. Most payment methods are not reversible. One straightforward integration gives merchants all the PayByCash payment options, including our Ultimate Game Card™, which can be used to pay for more than 200 online multiplayer games. As part of its service offering, PayByCash handles all foreign payment considerations and alternate payment option support.

About PlaySpan Inc.

PlaySpan is game industry's first publisher-sponsored in-game commerce™ network. PlaySpan's patent-pending in-game search, commerce and micropayment technologies enable game publishers and developers to generate new revenues, acquire new users and extend the loyalty of existing users. Leading game providers and virtual world publishers have selected PlaySpan as their official marketplace for virtual goods commerce.

PlaySpan is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Charlottesville, VA, Cincinnati, OH, and Mumbai. For more information about PayByCash, visit www.paybycash.com. PayByCash and Internet Payment Solutions are subsidiaries of PlaySpan, Inc. For more information about PlaySpan, visit www.playspan.com.

Investors include Easton Capital, Menlo Ventures, STIC and Novel TMT Ventures.

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