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The Ultimate Alphabet

Bestselling puzzle book now an iPad game courtesy of Guildford-based studio Toytek.

In 1987, The Ultimate Alphabet was a publishing phenomenon. A New York Times & Sunday Times bestseller, the puzzle book by Mike Wilks featured 26 beautifully painted images, each of which was crammed with items starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Now it's coming to iPad as a fully interactive hidden object puzzle game for the next generation to get their minds in a twist over. It will keep you mentally agile and test your vocabulary and general knowledge to its limits, that’s a guarantee!

Abbey, apricot, atlas, artilleryman, ammunition, aardvark, autogyro, astrolabe, aryballos, amputee and the Egyptian god Anubis are a few examples of the words you might find in the letter A.

Cryptic clues, hints and jigsaw jumbles are there to help the player with the more obscure words in the game.

The cryptic clues have been written by Philip Marlow who is a regular setter for The Financial times, The Telegraph and The Independent.

The cryptic clues add an extra layer to the game play and for those who are unfamiliar with crosswords there is a cryptic clue guide in the settings where you can also change modes to not include the cryptic clues.

Coins, medals and trophies are awarded for the level of achievement; this will depend on the amount of help received for completing each of the individual letters and the categories. All the words in the game have been grouped into the 45 categories ranging from Flags to Food to Mineralology and Weapons, these are a few examples!

The first persons who achieve a perfect gold trophy for one of the letters (A-D) will win a signed copy of The Ultimate Alphabet by Mike Wilks. Toytek has four signed copies one for each letter.

The letter A is estimated at the play time of 5+ hours depending on the level of achievement the player wants to obtain.

The Ultimate Alphabet is a try-before-you-buy model. Players can download the letter A of the game and play for 1 hour. Then they are given the option to in app purchase the individual letter or a bundle of letters at a reduced price.


The costs of the individual letters vary because the content differs in amount of content therefore development time.


A Free

Full versions individualy

A £2.99

B £4.99

C £4.99

D £2.99

Full versions as a bundle of 2

A&C £5.99

B&D £5.99

Full bundle.

A,B,C&D £7.99

Other Bundles yet to be released:

E,F,G & H I,J,K,L & M N,O,P & Q R & S T,U,V,W,X,Y & Z

Release date:

OUT NOW http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-ultimate-alphabet/id357031202?mt=8


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About Toytek

Toytek is a small games development studio based in heart of Guildford, UK. It was founded by Georgina Mackenzie in 2008. Since 2009 Toytek has been focused on bringing high quality, innovative educational games to new platforms. Toytek is mainly developing games for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and has plans for web and other mobile/handheld devices for the future.

For more information please contact:

Georgina Mackenzie


+44 (0)7970986982

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