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The Twiggles

Guide small blue creatures by building bridges, tunnels, trampolines and that sort of thing.

Berlin, Germany - May 6th, 2010 - Visual Generation today releases the puzzle game "The Twiggles" for iPhone and iPod touch. Twiggles are little blue creatures that are lost in a strange world. To help them find their way back home, the player has to build bridges, dig tunnels, place trampolines and blow up obstacles.

"It's fascinating to see how emotionally involved people are when they play the game," says Heiko Weible, developer of the Twiggles, "These bouncing creatures become their little babies. The effect they have on people, even on myself, is truly amazing. When testing a new piece of code, I always catch myself placing a few extra bridges and trampolines, just to make sure no Twiggle is hurt."

In the game, the player can always turn back time if something didn't work out right. While holding down the rewind button, time will run backwards until the player releases the button. "As a developer, that's one of my favorite features," says Heiko Weible, "I always wanted to create a game where I can manipulate time".

About Visual Generation

Visual Generation is a two-man team based in Berlin, Germany. The company is focused on software development and multimedia productions.

Its customers include companies like eBay and Sparkasse. "The Twiggles"

is the team's first iPhone game.


To watch a video of the Twiggles in action, visit:


If you would like to receive a pre-release version of "The Twiggles" to test the game for yourself or want to give away promo codes to your readers, please contact:

Heiko Weible, founder of Visual Generation

Mail: h.weible@visual-generation.de

Phone: +49 - 30 - 94407592

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