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The Squadron: Curse of the Aztecs

Adding a 'new level of magnitude' to the genre.

RALEIGH, N.C. - July 8, 2010

Republic of Fun, the mobile games publisher where all games are equal but some games are more equal than others, today announced the release of their latest title, The Squadron: Curse of the Aztecs. The Squadron is a line-drawing aerial combat game for the iPad that challenges players to protect an ancient Aztec device from armies of encroaching enemy forces. The object of the game is to guide a squadron of fighter planes, eliminating enemy vehicles before they reach the artifact, activating the ancient device inside and destroying the world.

While it starts off simple, The Squadron’s difficulty ramps up quickly, and players must strain to keep track of a growing fleet of fighter planes, and to keep up with the ever-growing convoy of opposing forces hellbent on unlocking the doomsday power of the artifact.

“The Squadron adds a new level of magnitude to the line-drawing genre that’s proven popular on the App Store,” said Mike Rasmussen, el presidente of Republic of Fun. “That’s because if you lose in The Squadron, you aren’t just responsible for a couple of planes going down or a couple of boats going under – it’s the end of the world!”

View a gameplay trailer on Youtube or download it here.

Blast your enemies into oblivion, and protect the artifact. The Squadron is now available in the App Store for $2.99. For more information and to download the game, visit:

Check out Republic of Fun online to learn more:

About Republic of Fun

Republic of Fun is a new kind of game publisher dedicated to the ideal of creating games beyond genres, beyond demographics, beyond the predefined norms that have come before. The company has created a proprietary technology and process for using crowd-sourcing as a way to produce and develop games for iPhone, WiiWare, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and the PlayStation Network. By focusing on community, RoF gives gamers a chance to be involved in the development process, producing games that they really want.

Sasha Szczepanski, TriplePoint for Republic of Fun

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