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The Silver Lining

Grab the first episode now, free.

SACRAMENTO, CALIF., July 10, 2010 - It's a tribute fit for a king. After eight years of volunteer effort, Phoenix Online Studios' long-awaited fan game The Silver Lining can be enjoyed by the venerable King's Quest series' millions of fans around the world. The first of five PC game episodes, "What Is Decreed Must Be," is now available for free download from Additional installments are planned to release throughout 2010.

"I am deeply honored that a group of devoted fans have dedicated themselves to reviving the characters, lands, and quests of my adventure game series," says King's Quest creator and Sierra On-Line cofounder Roberta Williams. "Without the bravery and persistence of these volunteers, it is almost certain that King's Quest would have been relegated to a forgotten obscurity -- its story left untold. Now there is a chance to truly find out what happens to the royal family of the Kingdom of Daventry. I, like many other fans, would like to see how this story unfolds!"

Picking up where Sierra's original King's Quest series left off, "What Is Decreed Must Be" opens with what should be a joyous celebration in the Land of the Green Isles. Upon the arrival of a black-cloaked stranger, however, revelry turns to tragedy as the royal twins Alexander and Rosella fall victim to a mysterious curse. Now patriarch King Graham must don his feathered adventurer's cap once again and set out on a quest to save his family -- and to bring the beloved franchise into the new millennium.

The ambitious fan game rivals a commercial release, with polished 3D artwork, high-quality animation, an original soundtrack, and a voice cast that includes professional off-Broadway actors. At one point during The Silver Lining's long development, the team topped out at 70 volunteers. Through it all the project has been met with overwhelming community and media support.

"The Silver Lining may have started out as a game made by fans, for fans, but over the years we've been fortunate to assemble an extremely talented team," says designer / producer César Bittar, one of Phoenix Online Studios' founding members. "Creating this game has been an incredible learning experience. Now we're looking toward the future. The Silver Lining is only the beginning..."

With their fan project nearing completion, the team behind The Silver Lining has revealed that they will next turn their focus to commercial projects. A new episodic adventure game, Corridor 9, is in the early stages of development. More information about Phoenix Online Studios can be found at

To download "What Is Decreed Must Be," learn more about The Silver Lining, and become part the game's active fan community, please visit

About Phoenix Online Studios

Established in 2004 and previously known as "Phoenix Freeware Online," Phoenix Online Studios began as a group of King's Quest fans that came together to create an unofficial sequel to the series. Their first project, The Silver Lining, has been called one of the most ambitious fan projects ever made and has garnered attention from publications such as CNN, PC Gamer, Computer Gaming World, Game Informer, Edge, GamesTM, 1UP, Kotaku, and Joystiq, among others. The team is excited to finally unveil the long-awaited The Silver Lining to the world.

Phoenix Online Studios is currently working on their first commercial endeavors. More information about Phoenix Online Studios can be found on the company's website,

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