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The Shroud

GPS-enabled mobile RPG released on the Helio network.


LAKE MARY, FLORIDA – July 28, 2008 – Your World Games today announced the release of their groundbreaking RPG mobile game The Shroud for all Helio network users.

Exclusive to the Helio release of The Shroud is the GPS Challenge, available for all GPS-enabled Helio devices, which will allow players to physically locate Breaches in real-life locations. Using patented GPS technology, players will be alerted to these breaches on screen and, using an on-screen compass, must physically move themselves to these locations. Successfully reaching a Breach point will activate a special timed challenge, which, if successful, will yield gold and rare in-game items. Early challenges will result in shorter distances between breaches (under several hundred feet), while more difficult breaches may require the player to travel longer distances (up to a few miles).

“The Shroud is one of the few truly deep, immersive gameplay experiences available on a mobile device that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy,” said Robert Sprogis, Vice President of Your World Games. “We are proud to announce its release on the Helio network, which will not only allow millions of users experience the oncoming invasion of unspeakable terrors from the Shroud firsthand, but also to partake in special GPS challenges that will test both mind and body in a truly unprecedented combination of compelling strategy-RPG and GPS location games.”

“The Shroud really stands out in mobile gaming for its depth and quality of gameplay,” said Leo Jun, Head of Games and Apps at Helio. “The game is a great addition to our growing portfolio of games.”

The Shroud features the protagonist, Taro, who starts off as a simple farmer but becomes a venerable savior as he fights to protect his homeland from the Shroud and its ancient, evil inhabitants. Players begin on an untended farm that they must work on to grow and harvest crops, turning barren, untilled farmland into verdant, fertile topsoil, as well as maintaining livestock. Doing so will allow Taro to accumulate funds and resources which he will need in order to repel the Shroud invasion and close the Breach portals that connect their world to his own. In addition, the game features several other elements such as fishing, mining, real-time monster combat, and the International Farmers’ League (IFL) in order to provide a lengthy variety of activities and competitions for the player to immerse themselves into.

Developed by Your World Games and with production by game developer Hardcore 3D Wireless, The Shroud will be available for all compatible Helio devices. For further details and to learn more about The Shroud visit www.shroudgame.com.

About Your World Games

Your World Games is a pioneering developer and publisher of location based wireless entertainment, a company wholly owned by President Peter Sprogis. By utilizing the most advanced features of today’s handsets and integrating GPS technology, Your World is bringing the first “real” games to mobile phones. Your World Games do more than entertain, they challenge players both physically and mentally, immersing players into virtual worlds intertwined with reality bringing to life a whole universe for the players. You’ll never look at the world around you the same way again.

About Helio

Helio is the mobile brand for the Internet generation. With advanced mobile services, exclusive, high-end, beautiful devices and smart pricing on a nationwide high-speed 3G network, Helio is built for consumers who have mobile at the center of their lives. Helio is a joint venture between SK Telecom, one of the world's most advanced wireless carriers, and EarthLink, the next generation Internet service provider. http://www.helio.com.

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