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The Scourge Project

Patch v.1.2 now available along with a new developer video.

Wednesday 23rd of June, 2010 Mallorca, Spain: The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2 announces for tomorrow the availability of their new patch v.1.2, a new interview and a special 10 days Summer Sales deal 4,99USD/4,99€/4,99GBP.

The patch will be publicly made available through Steam*.

*Please connect to Steam through the Steam Client to receive a version of this patch intended to work with your version.

The update will feature the following list of fixes and improvements: Echo AI General improvements. Echo AI navigation improvements. Teleport problem with someone incapacitated experienced by some client. Crash when spamming the “E” key to enter and exit a stationary weapon. No auto team selection in multiplayer when coming from a Deathmatch server and entering a server with team based matches. Skipping system for Action Mode. Substitution of the metadata info from some servers in the server browser. Other minor fixes and improvements. Some character deformations experienced by some client in checkpoints 1 and 4 from level 3. Sound issues with the dropship experienced by some client.

Tragnarion Studios is also updating its website with a new development video series. For more information, please check it out here:

In this second video Omar Salleh – Game Director –, Miguel Angel Carrillo - Lead Artist - and Samuel Garcia - Animator - talk about the development of Scourge's main characters and background. More videos with interviews are going to be added very soon, so stay tuned!

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